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Today, some wives shun their husbands at night, but some husbands struggle to comprehend why their wife is doing this.

When a man changes after getting married, he often forgets to dress nicely and maintain a pleasant appearance.

These can occasionally cause a woman’s love to fade or cause her to grow irritated with her man.

The majority of women avoid their husbands at night for the following seven reasons.

  1. You Don’t Apologize When You’re Wrong.

No matter what is happening in your marriage or at home, as a man, you should realize that you are now married and that you need to learn to apologize when you are wrong.

When you want to take your wife to the other room at night, you can’t injure her throughout the day and then start pursuing her.

Always be willing to apologize for your mistakes. if you cherish your marriage or connection.

  1. In the relationship, you only think about yourself.

You must ask your wife’s views or include her in your everyday activities because you now have a wife.

You should also remember to respect and cherish your wife because you are now married.

Making decisions should be split equally between the spouses in the marriage. Don’t just act independently; this is a partnership, not a battleground.

  1. You Lack Romance.

While some guys are not at all romantic when it comes to a relationship or marriage, women prefer romantic men—a man who will understand how she feels and make her feel good.

Instead of waiting until you want to take your wife to another room before you act like a romantic husband, you should learn to be tender and kind to her on a regular basis.

  1. You neglect your health, resulting in odor and perspiration.
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It’s important for men to take at least two daily baths and maintain a sharp appearance.

Despite the fact that ladies prefer clean guys, make sure you take a bath before bed. A man who sweats profusely is not attractive to women. It destroys a woman’s mood.


Make sure you smell good and look decent before bed. After two days of use, get in the habit of changing your underwear. Women favor tidy males.


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