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Scientists are people who devote their entire lives to studying subjects such as science and history. However, there are many things in our world that scientists cannot understand. Many of these remain a mystery for years! Today,we’re going to look at the 7 most mysterious discoveries that scientists still can’t explain.

1. 300 million year old gear

Scientists believe that 300 million years ago the earth was still young and the first land animals had not yet evolved into dinosaurs. If so, how do you explain the discovery of part of a gear shifter embedded in a 300-million-year-old piece of coal?

When this man, Dmitri, was trying to start a fire with charcoal in his home in Vladivostok, Russia, he searched through the charcoal and found a metal-looking splint. He presented it to the experts, and they found that it was made of aluminum and magnesium and was 300 million years old. Scientists still can’t tell how such a modern artefact was found in prehistoric coal!

2. Figures with feather headdress

Bringing us back to Russia is another archaeological discovery that has given researchers some headaches. This artificial figure with a headdress appeared in a potato field in Siberia, Russia. The strange number dates back 5000 years. The most amazing thing is that there is no evidence of human settlements in Siberia 5000 years ago.

Experts assume that some nomads moved through the area at that time; However, these nomads are not known to wear such plumage! Apparently the experts are still studying it.

3. Fat Guys from Guatemala

Fat Guys from Guatemala refer to a set of ancient statues that are 4000 years old. Each of these statue figures has a positive magnetic charge on the right side of their head. It is interesting to note that the craft of magnetism was born in China about 2000 years ago. It is unlikely that the early ancient South American settlers created these statues as they are not known to work with iron or magnets. Could it be that our ancestors had access to hidden knowledge?

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4. Giants of Monte Prama

Back to Europe, we explore the giants of Monte Prama. Statues of giants have been found in a hilly area near Cabras on the west coast of Sardinia, Italy. These extremely large creations stand at 8 feet tall and have large, flat, disc-shaped eyes.

How long have the sculptures been there? Nobody knows. Experts estimate that the figures could be 2800 to 3100 years old. It is also believed that these were built by people from the Nuragic civilization of Sardinia. The discovery in 1974 of ancient tombs right next to the statues suggests that the giant statues were placed there to guard the dead.

5. 60,000 Secret Structures of Guatemala

The Secret Structures of Guatemala refer to a large settlement of the ancient Maya people. The structures were mentioned in a 2018 article on Settlement includes houses, canals, farms, and even roads leading to larger cities. The discovery of this fascinating Mayan settlement completely disproved the previous assumption that this area was sparsely populated.

Discovering an entire city like this has to be one of archeology’s finest achievements! What do you think?

6. Alien’s Hand

One night, an Egyptian archaeologist decided to dig himself in a restricted area near a pyramid. He dug up a hand that looks far too similar to an alien hand. This really makes us reconsider all extraterrestrial theories.

Authorities are keeping it under wraps for now to confirm further investigation. However, do you think it is actually an extraterrestrial hand? Did the aliens really build the pyramids? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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7. The golden spirals

In 2015, a team of archaeologists in Denmark unearthed nearly 2000 spectacular gold spirals. The strange objects are from the Bronze Age. The coils are thin filaments that weigh about half a pound and are about an inch long.

Archaeologists often find many artifacts and precious jewels such as gold and silver during excavations. However, even today they still don’t know what these strange looking gold pieces were intended for.


Which of these mysterious discoveries amazed you the most?

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