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Every organ in the body is important and has different functions. Some organs are very important for health. If these organs fail, death can result. So it is necessary to take care of these organs. One such part of the body is the liver. Along with digesting food, the liver also works to remove toxins in the form of feces. This is why it is important to have a healthy liver. It is a common belief that only drinking alcohol causes liver damage, but this is not the case. Some things in our daily life can cause damage to the liver. Know which habits damage the liver

Smoking. Some people smoke cigarettes heavily. Smoking damages the liver. Actually, cigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals, which slowly reach the liver and cause oxidative stress. As a result, the liver starts producing free radicals and this damages the liver cells.

Excessive consumption of sugar. Experts say that excess sugar in the diet also damages the liver. That’s why many people don’t eat sugar, but the problem doesn’t end there. The real problem is fructose, which is found in foods like bread, ice cream, juice and soda. Most cells in the human body can metabolize glucose, but only liver cells can handle fructose. In such a situation, if a person consumes high amounts of fructose over time, it damages the liver.

Packaged food. Doctors say that eating too much of packaged food damages the liver. Additives, preservatives and flavorings are used more in packaged food. All these things can be harmful to the liver.

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Drug overdose. Taking too much drug can damage the liver. The doses of some drugs are so strong that overdose can cause liver damage.

Unsafe $ex. Having sex with more than one partner can be dangerous for liver health. This can cause a person to contract hepatitis. Hepatitis C is a potentially fatal liver disease that is $exually transmitted.

Drink less water: You have often read about the health benefits of drinking more water. Doctors usually advise drinking plenty of water a day. Which is about 2 liters. According to some doctors, it is necessary to drink water even if you are not thirsty.


Inadequate Sleep. Sleep is very important for the body. Not getting enough sleep can cause many problems in the body, insomnia can also damage your liver. In fact, not getting enough sleep can cause oxidative stress in the liver. Apart from this, people with insomnia suffer from serious diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease.

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