Check Out 7 Dangerous Products You Should Never Buy For Your Children-[CHECK OUT]

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Raising children can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We have a basic desire to protect and care for them. Certain products have been shown to enhance the occurrence of childhood injuries, including deaths. Injury risks can be reduced, just like any other aspect of life, if proper precautions are taken.

I have prepared a list of goods that require extra attention in order to keep our kids safe.

1. Pods of laundry detergent

Poisoning and blisters to the throat, stomach, and tongue can result from eating laundry detergent pods.

Aside from ingesting, the liquid can cause serious eye and skin irritation as well as burns if it spills from the pod. It can also destroy your kid’s lungs if he or she breathes it in.

Call poison management if you think your child has consumed it.

2. Small objects such as balloons

Balloons may light up a celebration, but they can also kill children. Balloons, especially latex balloons, adhere to the contour of a kid’s trachea, causing choking. Occlusions of the trachea can also be caused by small items such as marbles, magnets, batteries, and bottle caps.

3. Pest food

4. Propeller-driven toys


As the popularity of small, hand-controlled drones increases, so does the chance of damage, as one boy discovered when a drone blade cut his eye. These can be enjoyable toys to play with if necessary safety precautions are used. To reduce the chance of damage, follow its safety precautions.

5. Trampolines.


6. Chest toys

If your children’s items are placed in a chest with a heavy cover, consider removing it or using uncovered storage boxes. If a kid’s body part reaches into his or her chest and the open lid isn’t protected, the child may suffer an injury. When a youngster is confined inside the box, they can suffocate.

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7. Home plants

Although flowers can provide beauty to your house and yard, some are hazardous and even deadly if consumed. Three common examples are oleander, peace lilies, and philodendron.


If you think your child has consumed something strange, call an ambulance or poison control centre.

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