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A big belly is not just deemed unattractive among ladies and men, it also presents lots of health challenges especially if it surrounds a person’s organs (visceral). Most people are frustrated but do not know how to get more fit

You can’t handle this issue of a big belly without knowing or addressing the causes. Many reasons are responsible for this, but the most common ones include a poor diet, not exercising regularly, genetics etc. According to Medicalnewstoday, the following are some of the causes of a big belly.

1. Poor diet

This is one of the most common causes of a big belly. How can you want a small well streamed stomach when you consume junk foods daily.

Excess intake of sugary food and drinks like cakes, sweets, soda, canned fruit juice; trans fat foods like processed foods, baked foods; carbohydrates like rice, yam, potatoes etc can make your stomach bigger.

2. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol in excess will not only cause health problems like liver disease and inflammation, but it will also take your stomach enlarge and become big.

3. Not exercise enough

Not exercising enough is another reason why your stomach is getting bigger. When you consume more calories than you’re burning off, you will add weight, especially around the belly.

4. Stress

When you stress yourself too much, your body’s metabolism is affected. Some persons who overeat when they are stressed out may accumulate more calories in their body

5. Genetics

Some persons are obese or big-bellied because of their genetic makeup and not because they eat u healthily or do not exercise

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6. Poor sleep

Not getting enough quality sleep has been linked to weight gain. You might observe that you’ll engage more in bad eating behaviours when you don’t sleep well.

7. Smoking


Smoking can increase your risk of accumulating fat around your abdomen or other parts of your body


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