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It can be crushing when you fall deeply in love with a female friend, only to be placed firmly in the friend-zone. Stepping outside of that role as a friend and into the role as a lover can be difficult. When push comes to shove, you can’t force anyone to love you – but there are some ways you can improve your odd and give your love the shot it deserves.

In this article, we are going to learn more about how to turn a friendship into romance or love.

1.Don’t rush yourself. This is your friend, and even if you’ve been suffering with these romantic feelings for a long time, the last thing you should want is to make her feel uncomfortable. Strong emotions make it easy to get carried away; don’t allow your strong feelings to compromise your friendship. Journaling about your feelings can help you feel less overwhelmed, which can be a powerful preventative for making a hasty, emotional decision.

2. Discover her conscious romantic standards. Some of these will be fairly obvious. She may want to be with someone with the same religious values, or a non-smoker. You don’t have to necessarily meet all of her criteria, but you should avoid failing to meet her standards, as this will often remove you from her romantic pool. Make a list of features shared by all her previous boyfriends. These are likely things she makes it a priority to find in her romantic interests, and may be characteristics you should consider cultivating in yourself.

3. Figure out her unconscious criteria. This is often related to her own personal characteristics. Many people, including your female friend, search for a partner with the same positive characteristics that they like in themselves, but want qualities in a partner that are opposite to the things they dislike about themselves. After you find out some of the things she dislikes about herself, show her how you can compliment those areas with your strengths. You could say: I hate how competitive I am. I think I’d be much happier if I learned to enjoy things instead of making them into a competition. What about you? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?”

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4. Meet her friends. Be on your best behavior when you do so, because these people will give you a window into her life that few others will have at their disposal. If you’re serious about your love for your female friend, expressing your genuine caring for her to her friends will likely earn you their respect, and maybe their approval. You don’t have to bare your heart and confess your love to her friends; try to earn the respect of her friends by being a nice guy. Explain how you’ve noticed she’s been stressed and ask what they think you can do. Or mention that she’s been a good friend and you want to do something nice, what do they think she’d appreciate?

5. Contemplate her past relationship(s). Breakups, especially difficult breakups, will cause her to revise her love map, whether consciously or unconsciously. By showing her that you are different from her ex, you’ll make yourself a more desirable potential partner.


6. Learn what thrills her. Science has shown that the chemicals released when you and her experience fear together are linked closely with arousal and attraction. Thrilling experiences can give you both a dose of good anxiety, and set the tone for the next stage in your relationship.


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