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Vegetables are what I consider multipurpose as it concerns cooking, eating and getting health benefits, they are of different types and today I’m focussing on vegetables that can help lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a situation in which the force of blood against the walls of arteries is too much, high blood pressure is more than often linked to many heart diseases and heart-related diseases, so if you’re found wanting in the aspects of high blood pressure, then you need to fix it quickly.

High blood pressure doesn’t just magically happen to anyone, but it comes to be as a result of our daily activities, lifestyle and the foods we consume, some of the popular causes of high blood pressure are

√ Too much alcohol consumption.

√ Smoking.

√ Lack of physical activities.

√ Too much salty food consumption.

√ Stress.

√ Genetics and so on.

High blood pressure can be treated in so many ways but I advise you to do it the natural way, by “natural way” I mean that you should try reducing your high blood pressure without the use of drugs or any other method that is not natural.

Having said that, some foods are good for consumption by patients with high blood pressure, these foods will help reduce high blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of other heart diseases. The ones to be listed in this article are vegetables, leafy green vegetables, they include

1. Lettuce.

2. Spinach.

3. Cabbage.

4. Kale.

5. Collard Green.

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According to Medical News Today, these vegetables are good for people with high blood pressure as they can help lower it, these vegetables are rich in nitrates which help manage blood pressure, it is said that eating 1-2 servings of vegetables that are rich in nitrates daily can lower high blood pressure for a day (24 hours).

Sourcing information from Healthline, it is said that the above-listed leafy greens with exception of cabbage contain potassium which helps get rid of sodium in our body, which leads to reduced blood pressure.

6. Bitter Leaf.

Bitter leaf is also helpful when it comes to reducing high blood pressure and it can be made into a juice or added to our diet to perform this function, according to, bitter leaf is rich in potassium which is a good remedy for high blood pressure, the bitterness of the vegetable also plays its role in high blood pressure.


Vegetables are not only good for consumption, but they also have health benefits and we stand to enjoy these benefits by eating them.

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