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Set her mood right and it is highly possible.

In fact when it comes to enjoying your sex life, giving her an orgasm is absolutely necessary, but what is best is if it lasts for one full minute.

Yes, the 60-second climax really exists.

It is not typical the female orgasm usually lasts 6 to 30 seconds.

But if her mood and your moves are in perfect alignment, her climax can keep going, says health experts.

You can make it happen with these six easy strategies:

1. Give your bedroom a hotel room looks:

If she is relaxed and her focus is on pleasure then she will easily get orgasm.

The more you turn her on the better are the chances of her having a long and intense climax.

Begin your session by setting her mood.

If she is keyed up after a stressful day, give her a back massage to ease her into a more laid-back state.

2. Turn off your cell phones, lock your doors, hit the lights, and put on the slow jams:

Music and candlelight will help calm her central nervous system.

3. Always Compliment her:

If she feels less about herself, she will never enjoy you making love to her.

Insecurity often distracts her and hence she is not able to experience the pleasure.

But if you make her feel that she is smoking hot and she can easily turn you on.

She will be more aroused and her focus will be on your amazing sex session.

This can help her experience deeper orgasms.

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4. Be expressive, show her what she does to you: Pull her towards you and tell her how beautiful you think her body is, how you keep thinking about running your hand through her smooth skin. How you want to kiss her and caress her body.

When she strips for you, stare at her and just a “wow” from you will drive her crazy.

5. At times talk dirty:

Sometimes talking dirty does half of the work, doing so keeps her attention focused on what is about to come next. If you know what turns her on, speak that.

Otherwise, you can start by telling her how you like the feel of her naked skin against your, the warmth of it.

How you love making her wet. At times be dominating in bed, she likes it. Command her about what to do, some women love it.

6. Tease her:


Bringing her to the brink of orgasm repeatedly will cause her arousal to spread throughout her body—resulting in a bigger, longer climax when she finally peaks, says expert.

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