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Some Ghanaian pastors have been widely criticized for sharing ‘unsolicited’ and ‘distasteful’ comments on national issues
 These outspoken pastors have been captured severally making such bold and controversial statements
They seem to have stepped on many toes with such utterances

These outspoken men of God have been criticized for some controversial statements that made headlines in the country.

They have been subjected to intense backlash following such utterances as society expected that their status would have somewhat deterred them from passing such ‘immoral’ or in some cases ‘derogatory ‘comments.

From stating what has been tagged as ‘wrong judgements’ or opinions on societal issues, these ‘prophets’ tend to exist a little too far on the controversial side.

Let’s take a look at instances where pastors have been blasted for making controversial statements.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills was captured in audio criticizing the Asantehene for not being a proactive King as he ought to be.

The bishop was caught on tape alleging that the Otumfuo’s interest lies only in playing diplomatic roles and exhibiting his ‘royalty’ at durbar’s, funerals, and so on.

Despite the fact that the ‘Man of God’ has publicly apologized for such statements which according to him were made 20 years ago, he seems to have incurred the wrath of the Kumasi Youth Association who are threatening to shut down branches of the Lighthouse Chapel International in the region.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has been described as ‘unsolicited ‘and distasteful by Ghanaians across social media

Owusu Bempah’s comments about Chief Imam

Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah claimed to have witnessed signs that suggest that the Chief Imam, Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu, would die in 2019.
The Glorious Word and Power Ministry, General Overseer made such predictions during the church’s New Year eve.

His prophecies at that time angered some Muslim youth who destroyed the glass windows, billboards, and other properties belonging to the popular preacher.
Days after the incident, Rev. Owusu Bempah stormed the Chief Imam’s residence to apologize for his action.

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AgyinAsare’s comments on banking sector clean-up

The Perez Chapel presiding bishop was in hot waters for criticizing the government over the collapse of some local banks.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare, during a sermon in 2020 asked whether the locally-owned uniBank, GN Bank and UT Bank could not have been salvaged by the Bank of Ghana during its financial sector clean-up exercise.

During a sermon in July 2020, which was themed: ‘Getting rid of envy’, Bishop Agyinasare said the same “demons” that possessed politicians in the days of old to collapse local businesses still lingers.

“The demons are still at work today and we must exorcise this nation from that demon otherwise we are far from going forward. I have been asking myself: So, for Dr Kwabena Duffuor, under whose time as Minister of Finance, we had the best economic growth rate of 14 per cent, there was nothing we could do with his bank?

“What about Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, who introduced or expanded susu banking and had branches than any commercial bank with more customers? Then, my own Amoabeng, who helped me grow my money to my first $100,000, which I withdrew and gave out for the building of the Dome, as part of my contribution. Could nothing have been done to salvage some of these great institutions?” the Perez Chapel International founder asked.

His comments attracted several criticisms from some government officials including Assin Central MP, Mr Kennedy Agyapong who believes blasted the preacher for speaking without facts.

Rev. Obofuor’s ‘cheating advice’ to men

In November 2020, General overseer of the Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour advised men to be tactical with their extra-marital affairs.

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In what was meant to be his advice for a newly wedded couple, he was captured in a viral video advising the groom to keep all his sexual escapades with other mistresses private.

It can be recalled that while officiating a wedding ceremony between gospel musician, Brother Sammy’s manager (Romeo), and his long-time girlfriend, Rev. Obofour said:

“Every wise man cheats without his wife finding out. Every wise man switches his phone off when he arrives home. Every wise man does not disturb his wife to the extent that she contracts high blood pressure. Every man who respects his home does not talk to other women in the presence of his wife. Every wise man saves the names of his girlfriends as ‘cement owner’, ‘languard’ etc. to avoid being caught. For instance, if I’m walking in town with my wife and I meet my girlfriend, I won’t even smile. I’ll put up a straight face,”

Following such comments, Rev. Obofour came under serious backlash from individuals who questioned his morality as an acclaimed man of God.

Duncan Williams ‘comment against Muslims

The Action Chapel founder in a sermon posted on social media provoked anger within the Ghanaian Muslim community with some controversial submissions he highlighted about the religion.

In a YouTube video, Bishop Duncan Williams established that Muslims are worshipping unknown spirits and dealing with high levels of witchcraft.

“Muslims are not just praying; they are invoking all kinds of entities,” the fiery preacher declared on a clip that was posted to YouTube. They are dealing with all kinds of forces in the Pleiades, in Orion, in Arcturus, in Mazzaroth – the Zodiacs, the powers of the underworld, the water kingdom,” he stated sometime in 2016.

His utterances were embraced with heavy criticisms from Muslims across the country, particularly from, the Coalition of Muslim Organisations in Ghana (COMOG) who described his sermon as “a bundle of reprehensible fallacies and a vicious misrepresentation of the Islamic practice of prayers and worship.

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Rev. Badu Kobi’s ‘ethnocentric’ comments about women

Prophet Badu Kobi was alleged to have passed some ethnocentric comments about Ashanti, Fante and Ewe women in a viral video sometime in 2019.

The comments were met with nationwide criticism and were largely described as misogynistic and disrespectful, especially by women belonging to these tribes.

“When you marry an Ashanti lady, you have imported trouble upon yourself, they are greedy. I will not mince words, I have done research over the years to come to this conclusion. Though Fante women sometimes are foolish, Ashanti women? No! Ayigbe (Ewe) women are too much dormant but Ashantis, they are greedy.” He stated in the video which went viral on social media

Nigel Gaisie’s comments on womanizing

The controversial pastor was under serious attack for debunking the notion that womanizing or drinking alcohol makes one a bad Christian.

Nigel in May 2021 admonished Ghanaians for using womanizing as a yardstick for determining a good or a bad pro “When a man of God drinks alcohol, it doesn’t make him fake. When a man of God steals, it doesn’t make him fake. When a man of God womanizes or a woman of God has another boyfriend or doesn’t make him/her fake.


“Every mortal vessel has a weakness, what makes a man of God fake is when he changes his covenant. If that man of God does not preach Jesus anymore, that is what makes him fake. If you say that alcohol is wrong, then condemn David, because David was a chronic drunkard and womanizer,” the man of God stated in an interview with Starr FM.

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