Check Out 6 Medical Facts About The Male Private Organ Every Man Should Know-[CHECK OUT]

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There are very important facts men ought to know about their private organ so they can be able to separate facts from myths. Also, knowing these facts can make a man lead a healthy life and make them defeat fear.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the health facts men should know about their health as knowing this would help them be bold and courageous.

1. The size of a man’s private organ is twice as long as you think; yes, a man’s genitals are quite longer than what it looks like because about half of it is inside the man’s body and it is part of his anatomy.

2. The shoe size myth; it is totally untrue to tell the size of a man’s private organ by the size of his shoes. This is totally against what some people do believe but a man’s organ can be determined by his shoe size.

3. Morning wood; this is also known as nocturnal penile tumescence. Most men experience an erect and hare private organ about 3 – 5 times at night. This often happens when he is asleep.

4. Private organs can break; some people think a man’s private organ can break but this is not correct in any way because the male genital is not made of bones.

5. Lost control; some men do not have control over how they discharge during intimacy. This is absolutely correct because this has nothing to do with the brain as what sends the signal is the spinal generator.


6. The erect angle; many people argue what angle an erect private organ should face but there is absolutely nothing like a correct erect angle. Therefore, a men’s gentile when hard, can face any point and this is completely normal.

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