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Many people desire to look younger than their age, but they lack knowledge of the habits they can indulge in that can help to enhance their appearance as they grow older. While there are unhealthy habits that fasten the aging process in people who engage in them, there are also good ones that can greatly impact appearance and well-being. In this article, I want to briefly discuss six things that can make you look younger than your age.

1. Consuming healthy diets or foods while at the same time practicing a disciplined lifestyle of low cholesterol intake is a must. When it comes to how you look as a man or woman, the type of food you eat speaks volumes in this regard. For example, eating foods high in fat and carbs will make you gain weight, thereby making you obese. To stay fit and preserve your youthful look, you should include foods such as green vegetables, fruits, and proteinous foods like beans, etc.

2. Stop wrong use of drugs or harmful substances that can cause you to become intoxicated. Too much intake of alcoholic substances and other harmful things like marijuana, cocaine, and weed can cause you to look old or age quickly. This is because the substances mentioned cause dehydration of the body, thereby making the skin appear dry, old, and even rough when touched.

3. According to Healthline, physical activity such as exercise is a good habit to indulge in on a daily basis because it helps to prevent the quick ageing of the body, which is why it is known as an anti-aging activity. Exercise helps the respiratory system to function optimally by warming every part of the body, including the tissues for proper blood flow, and this allows wastes like sweat to be excreted from the body.

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4. You should cultivate the habit of drinking enough water on a daily basis because an adequate amount of water in the body helps to remove harmful substances like toxins from the body while at the same time keeping the body well hydrated. Likewise, bathing with clean water is also a good habit to have regularly as it helps to clean the skin from dirt and maintain the texture of the skin, keeping it well moisturized.

5. Don’t apply too much make-up on your skin, especially the ones that irritate it. Some cosmetic products contain some chemical substances that are very harmful to the skin and, if applied in excess, can cause irritation, which could facilitate quick ageing of the skin. You should avoid making use of creams that are packaged with heavy chemicals or those made with materials that are of low quality, which can cause your skin to burn and give it a color that is not pleasant to behold.


6. Stop going out in the hot sun without using or wearing a cap or sunglass. The rays that come from the sun when the day is hot are very harmful, especially to the face because they can cause the skin on the face to become irritated, leading to burns, spots, or even wrinkles. Wearing a cap or sunglass will protect your face and eyes from the effect of the hot sun rays.

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