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There’s nobody who doesn’t fart, either young or old, rich or poor, ugly or beautiful. All of us fart, but the smell and sound are different depending on the condition of our bodies and what we eat.

According to Healthline, this happens when our intestines receive gas from digested food. Then this gas is released from our body through the anus. This is medically known as flatulence.

Some people can fart about 20 times a day, especially when they eat certain foods. Some fart due to irregularities in their bowels. Some foods can make you fart excessively more than others.

They contain some chemical substances that make your intestines release more gas than other foods. Farting excessively can be very embarrassing when you are at a special gathering. However, you can gain control over it by reducing the following foods:

1. The first thing that can make you fart excessively is too much milk intake. Milk contains fat, protein, and carbohydrates that make your intestines release gas during digestion.

2. Processed foods will also make you fart since they contain a lot of fat, oil, sugar, and monosodium glutamates that are used as additives and can cause a gas to be released during metabolism.

3. Beans, of course, will make you fart since they’re high in protein and contain carbohydrates. These are the two main nutrients that can cause flatulence during digestion.

4. Onions can also cause flatulence due to their chemical composition. It can take a long time before it’s digested. This can cause some gas to be formulated and discharged during digestion.

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5. Potatoes can make you fart because a potato contains about 37 grams of carbohydrates, which can cause some gas to be released in your intestines.


6 Yogurt can cause flatulence because the digestive system takes a lot of time to absorb some of its nutrients. This can cause some gaseous release as it moves from your intestines to the colon.

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