Check Out 6 Dangerous Places You Should Never Keep Your Phone-[VERY IMPORTANT]

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I want to start by saying that almost every adult in the world owns a phone. As a matter of fact, as the number of phone users shoots up, we seem to get more involved with this little device. The foregoing is the reason why we always have the device in our hands.

In reality, some phone users take the device to the bathroom, shower and even on their beds. I want to inform you that there are some spots or places we shouldn’t keep our phones since it may affect our safety and even the phone itself.


Provided below is the list of 6 dangerous spots where we are all guilty of keeping our phones. They are very dangerous to our health and safety.

  1. Keeping the phone in the Bra: Are you aware that keeping your mobile phone within your Bra whether for safety or security purposes can increase your risk of having breast cancer which will eventually affect your mammary glands as a lady? So it is, therefore, advisable to quit.
  2. Keeping your phone inside your front pocket: Keeping your phone inside your front pocket might look handy but are you aware that this can affect your reproductive health? Studies have shown that a phone’s electromagnetic radiation will impact negatively on the quantity and quality of fluids a man produces. Keeping your phone there raises the risk.
  3. Leaving your phone under the pillows: Do you know that lights of alarms in phones emit electromagnetic radiations which can cause dizziness and mild headaches after a long time. So what this means is that anyone who keeps the phone under his or her pillow whiles sleeping exposes himself or herself to this danger the moment the alarm of the phone rings.
  4. Keeping the phone too close to your skin: Please be informed that bacteria from the phone’s screen are transmitted to your skin when you hold the phone too close to your skin, especially during a call and besides this, you are inviting harmful electromagnetic radiation. So whenever you get a call, keep a little space between your skin and the phone.
  5. Keeping phone inside your back pocket: This can lead to the dialling of a wrong number which could waste your airtime. Always remember that this is possible because phones are not just fingered sensitive. Last but not least, we all can quickly confuse ourselves and then forget that we have put our phones inside our back pocket. This can lead to the breaking of the phone screening the moment we sit down.
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