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Many people assume that after intimacy, the body feels the same as it was before getting intimate. This is wrong, after intimacy, a few changes occur in the body. These changes are common to women but men can experience few of these changes. In this article, we will look into changes that occur in the body after intimacy.

1.      Bleeding

The inflammation of the cervix results in bleeding after intimacy. This could also be as a result of left over menstrual blood. Such blood is dark red in color and it comes out from the uterus. If you experience constant bleeding after intimacy, then you should have it checked by a doctor.

2.      Pain

This is mostly common in women who have had children. This is as a result of pelvic congestion syndrome. Pelvic congestion syndrome causes pain and pressure around the left side of the pelvic region. Pelvic congestion syndrome is not dangerous to your health, however, if the pain makes it difficult for you to enjoy getting intimate, then you should go for medical checkup.

3.      Itching

Itching after intimacy is often caused by lubricants that may have been used during intimacy. Before using any lubricant, carefully read through it to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the chemicals used in preparing it.

4.      Drowsiness

This is common amongst men. After intimacy, a hormone called prolactin in is released, this causes the man to feel drowsy and sleepy after intimacy.

5.      Burning sensation

This is caused by inflamed genitals after intimacy. The tissues around your private area become swollen. The burning sensation results from the urethra touching the inflamed tissues of your genitals. Burning sensation can be felt strongly while urinating after getting intimate.

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6.      Heart rate


Your heart rate increases after intimacy. This is because getting intimate burns calories in the same manner as exercising. After intimacy your heart rate increases, this results in increased pumping of blood around the body. Because of the increase in heart rate and tiredness, if is advised to drink water after getting intimate.

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