Check Out 5 Ways People Living With HIV Can Live Longer Naturally- [CHECK OUT]

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When someone has HIV, the virus breaks down the body’s ability to protect itself against infections. That’s the job of HIV. According to Healthline, it’s known as the human immunodeficiency virus.

People living with HIV can live as long as their immune systems keep protecting their bodies from breaking down. People living with HIV can preserve their lives in the following ways:

1. They must learn how to not waste the strength of their immune systems. They should preserve the power of their immune system by avoiding eating foods that can weaken it.

Instead, they should consume more vegetable juices to boost their immune systems, especially carrot juice and green leafy vegetables.


2. For HIV patients to boost their immune systems, there are a lot of things they must understand about our bodies. They should not do certain things that can depress their bodies.

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