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When it comes to the passion play, we all know what we need to do. The teases, the foreplay, using protection, feeling safe all of this is something we are confident about.

After a night of passion, maybe all you really want to do is cuddle up to your partner. But there are a number of important things you should do after passionate play. If you’re wondering what you should do after bedroom play for your health and safety, here is the list of the most important ones.


1. Drink Water

Passionate play is definitely an exercise and you need to keep yourself hydrated post the act! Water is amazing for your body to help hydrate after all the sweating. This also allows you to have more water content to pee and remove whatever bacteria or infections that could be blocking your urinary tract.

2. Pee immediately after intercourse 

Even if nature doesn’t call after sex, women who suffer from regular UTIs should use the bathroom, recommends Alyssa Dweck, M.D., an ob-gyn from Westchester, N.Y., and author of The Complete A to Z for Your V. “When you have intercourse, bacteria from the rectuml which is in very close proximity to the urethra and the vaginacan get close to the urethra and can cause an infection, especially in women who are prone to UTIs,” says Dweck.

3. Avoid hot water bath

After a night of passion, it’s good to take a shower, but don’t fill up the tub with water. Infections can enter the body through the vaginal openings that are widened by the use of hot water. To maintain good health, stay away from this.

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4. Avoid soap

This may not sound well with you, but the fact remains. Your vagina won’t benefit from using soaps and shower gels. In order to avoid irritating and drying your vagina, you should only use water, as your vagina has its own self-cleaning system. This has a long-term influence on many people.

5. Always let yourself dry off after you take a shower

After taking a shower, always allow yourself to dry off before putting on your clothes. Make sure your private regions are dry and warm before putting on your underwear, since extra moisture and warmth is a breeding ground for infections. This is a common blunder made by women, so stay clear of it.


If you’re wondering what to do after bedroom play, it’s wise to get in the habit of taking these precautionary steps. Remember, it’s all for the sake of your long-term health and your partner’s.

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