Check Out 5 Reasons Why Your Private Area Is Dark- [CHECK OUT]

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According to “Healthline”, experiencing darker skin colour around your genitals is normal and is not a sign of any disease or ailment. There are different reasons why the skin around your genitals appears darker than other areas of your body and we would be taking a look at 5 of them. Check them out below

1. Hormones

According to “Medical news today”, One of the reasons why the skin around your privates is darker than normal is because the melanocytes around your genitals are very sensitive to hormones. And one of the ways it reacts to changes in hormones is by getting darker. Changes in hormone can be due to aging, puberty, pregnancy. For instance, estrogen which is responsible for the increased pigment in the nipple, labia, areola and anus increases during pregnancy and puberty. This causes an increase in the pigmentation in those areas.

2. Friction and Inflammation

The skin around the private area is tender which can also darken as a result of friction or constant rubbing. According to “Healthline”, this process is known as keratinization. Constant friction or trauma can cause inflammation which can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

3. Shaving and Hair Removal Products

Thirdly, the type of hair removal and shaving products we use can lead to darker skin in our private areas. Using shaving sticks can lead to friction. Also some products used for shaving makes the skin experience keratinization.

4. Aging

As you grow older, your skin begins to experience different levels of trauma and a series of hormonal changes that can cause a darkening experience in your genitals as the years go by.

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5. Excessive Weight gain

In an article published by “Womens health mag”, written by Nirupama Parwanda a dermatologist. Excessive weight gain can lead to a condition known as acanthosis nigricans which is when the inner thighs and area around the vulva darkens.



Skin darkening on the genital area is natural and it does not have any side effect like itching, smelling, pain and so on, so if you experience any of these it is best you seek the help of a dematologist because in this case the skin darkening might be as a result of allergies or an infection.

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