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When a guy experiences climax less than one minute into intercourse, he is said to be prematurely released. Although there is no set time during intercourse when a guy should reach climax, climaxing too quickly is a formula for catastrophe.

It’s normal to release quickly now and then, but when it becomes a habit, there’s a problem. Many men who suffer from this condition are too embarrassed to seek expert aid, so they wind up taking herbal medicine after herbal drugs. Herbal medicine may temporarily prevent a man from releasing prematurely, but without addressing the underlying cause, the man will continue to suffer.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Men Release During Intimacy So Quickly

1. Stress: Stress according to medicalnewstoday, is a mental state in which people are constantly worried as a result of issues in their personal and professional lives. When males are regularly put in high-stress situations where they don’t have a healthy outlet to release their stress, the stress can lead them to have an early release during intimacy.

2. Anxiety: Anxiety is a situation where people are extremely nervous and anxious about events that may occur. According to webmd, Some guys suffer from anxiety, which leads them to be jittery all of the time. The worry of whether or not they would perform well in bed is one of the things that cause anxiety in men during intimacy. Anxious men are more likely to release too soon during intimacy.

3. Lack of Confidence: Men who lack confidence as a result of certain conditions may face challenges with early release. When a man is insecure about his body or his ability to perform, he may release too quickly during intimacy. This issue can be resolved once the individual in question gains confidence and appreciates his physical appearance.

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4. Sexual Repression: repression simply means, intentionally trying to forget something that happened in the past. Men who have had an unpleasant intimate experience in the past, or who have been violated in some way, may experience repression, which can have a severe impact on their sexual life by forcing them to release too soon.


5. Depression: Depression is a serious mental illness that makes people feel unhappy and useless. Depression according to medicalnewstoday, is a psychiatric illness that can alter brain chemistry, causing men to struggle with fast release during intercourse.

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