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When someone is unable to sleep at night, it’s a medical condition that is caused by several factors. If you cannot sleep for seven hours a day, that means you are experiencing a sleep disorder, especially if it happens frequently.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where some of us are always busy with our businesses. This might invariably reduce the number of hours we have to sleep. This can also affect our activity during the day.

However, the cure for sleeping disorders usually varies depending on the underlying causes. If you notice that you’re unable to sleep, it’s best to find a solution to it so that it won’t cause serious health problems.

According to WebMD, some people experience sleeping disorders for any of the following reasons:

1. Some people have insomnia due to a break in the normal circadian rhythm of their bodies as a consequence of jet travel. Some are unable to get enough sleep due to stress, hormonal changes, problems with their digestive system, and worry.

Insomnia leads to a loss of concentration and depression, and it affects daily performance. This is usually common among older people, especially women.

2. Some people are unable to sleep at night because of transient cessation of breathing. This makes it difficult for the body to have enough oxygen.

This usually happens when the airway is not wide enough or blocked. This can also happen when the brain loses its connection to the respiratory system.

3. Body pains disrupt some people while sleeping. This includes chronic headaches, stomach or spinal pain, inflammation of the joints, and stiffness of the muscles.

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4. Some people who feel a very strong tickling sensation in their legs while sleeping also find it difficult to sleep very well at night.

5. The need to urinate frequently can also interfere with your sleep, especially after you have consumed excess alcohol.


Someone who has bladder problems or urinary tract infections can also experience this condition. This will make you wake up several times during the night to urinate.


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