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Most women get disturbed when they start perceiving certain odors from their private parts. Although the v@gina has its natural odor many reasons can cause a bad smell in the v@gina, such as infection or not cleaning the sensitive area well, and the smell of the v@gina can be eliminated in natural ways.

According to “Healthline”, adopting some lifestyle can help you prevent and get rid of v@gina odor. Below are natural ways to get rid of v@gina odor.

Pay attention to hygiene

Taking care of the cleanliness of the v@gina helps to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor, and this is by following the following instructions:

1. Cleaning the v@gina from front to back, to avoid stool entering the v@gina and the transfer of bacteria.

2. Urinating after having intercourse.

3. Clean the v@gina with a gentle, fragrance-free soap.

4. Regularly changing underwear daily or when it becomes dirty or sweaty

Cleaning the vagina after intercourse

Some women notice a strong smell in the v@gina immediately after intercourse, and this may be the result of the interaction of semen with v@ginal secretions, and v@ginal lubricants can also affect the pH of the v@gina.


Eat Foods Rich In Probiotics

Foods rich in probiotics (good bacteria), such as yogurt and a range of other fermented foods, help balance bacteria in the body, reducing the chances of bad-smelling infections and inflammation, especially yeast infections.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the act of consuming enough water. This helps improve v2gina health and remove unpleasant odors from the body including the private part.

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Stop washing inside your v@gina


Some research suggests that the female private part can clean itself over time and does not need you to do the task. Using different substances to clean your v@gina can increase your risk of v@gina odor. Every woman should take note of this article. Thanks for reading.

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