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The private organ is actually one of the most important parts of the body for every human being. This is why every human beings should take note of the common things that could harm his or her private organs.

Well in this article, I will be talking about 5 habits that have been proven to be unhealthy for a ladies’s private organ.

1. Staying in sweaty gym clothes for too long

Studies have shown that it is very unhealthy for ladies to stay very long with their gym clothes which is usually a tight.

Although some have cultivated the habit of washing up immediately after gyming, some are not too eager to do this and don’t even do it at all.

Most gym clothes store up heat in the body, this makes the private organ moisture which has been proven to be very unhealthy. It could lead to yeast infection in the affected private organ.

2. Wearing underwear that are too tight or the wrong underwear

You should be very careful about the type of under wear you put on. Some ladies have the habit of wearing an under wear that is visibly too tight to the private organ. This could keep heat and moisture in there, leading to several types of infections.

3. Using too much soaps while washing your private organ

When washing your private organ, all you need is a clean water. Too much soaps or detergent could lead to irritation and mess up the internal pH level of the area. It is also suggested that you be very gentle with the area.

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4. Wearing pads for too long

Every lady is taught from her first period to be changing her pad before it gets dirty. This is necessary and very important. Putting on dirty pads for too long could lead infections in the area.

5. Not going to check up at least yearly


If the health of your private area matters a lot to you, make it a habit to visit the doctor at least once every year. This is necessary for better health of the area.

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