Check Out 5 Famous Footballers Who Are Still Unmarried-[SEE PHOTOS]

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Are you aware that some of the biggest personalities in the world today are footballers and playing in a game that attracts a lot of fame and money has equally placed them among the richest around the globe?

I know then I’m glad to tell you that that is a reality.

By virtue of being rich and famous, these footballers have attracted lots of women some of which later became their wives.

As it stands now, one would hardly see any footballer in his thirties who is not happily married with children.

However, in spite of the many marriages common among footballers today, they are still some among them who are without life partners even when they have clocked thirty years and above.

In light of the above, kindly take a look at some famous footballers who are still unmarried in their thirties.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (36 years old)

With his huge fans base, the Portuguese International is no doubt the biggest footballer in the world today.

Couple with his financial capacity, there is nothing he cannot afford to buy for himself.

However, although he has gotten so much, the one thing Ronaldo is yet to get is a wife for himself.

This dynamic Juventus talisman is currently dating Georgina Rodriguez who seems to be his most serious love interest, but the couple is yet to tie the knot officially.

2- Alexis Sanchez (32 years of age )

Alexis Sanchez has played for a number of clubs including Arsenal and Manchester United.

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He is often applauded as the greatest Chilean player of all time.

The Inter Milan attacker will celebrate his 33rd birthday this December, but surprising he is yet to be married and he is not currently flaunting any love interest.

3- David Luiz (34 years old)

David Luiz has been performing for various clubs in different leagues with lots of energy. He last played for Premier League club Arsenal and he’s currently without a team after his contract with the Gunners expired.

At the age of 34, Luiz is still single although he has a son and he is presently dating Sara Madeira.

4- Georginio Wijnaldum (30 years old)

The Dutchman recently departed Liverpool for Paris Saint Germain.

Wijnaldum is approaching 31 years and he is still a bachelor although he has children from past relationships.

5. IIkay Gundogan (30 years old)

This Manchester City midfielder turned 30 years last year October and joins the bandwagon of players who are still unmarried in their thirties.

To be honest with you one cannot categorically tell the reason why these players are still bachelors, each of them is a successful footballer and each has attracted women to themselves.


However, since marriage is a personal decision, it is best that we continue to respect those who are yet to have a life partner irrespective of their age.

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