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Anytime the thought of kissing a person comes to one’s mind, we do not always consider the risk of getting a disease.

A kiss as we are all aware is a way of demonstrating affection and we hardly likened it to contracting diseases but in this article, will school you on some diseases that can be transmitted through kissing.

Knowing your partner’s STD status is highly advised these days.

Please take note that Gum diseases are contagious and can be transmitted through swapping spit.

If your partner is infected with gum disease particularly if that individual has bad oral habits that set the stage for tooth decay can lead to transmission.

Provided below are 5 diseases you can get through kissing;

1. Periodontitis:

This is a gum infection that can cause tooth loss. Again it can also cause other serious health complications.

This disease can also be transmitted from a mother or father to a child.

These bacteria are present on the oral soft tissues, teeth, tongue, and saliva and can be easily transmitted through intimate kissing, sharing utensils, or toothbrushes. Let’s be careful.

2. Oral Herpes:

A person can catch this disease through kissing. Some people call it fever blisters.

It is transmitted through direct contact from an infected area and broken skin.

3. Syphilis:

This disease is a highly infectious condition. The sores combine to make syphilis transmissible through kissing.

4. Strep Throat:

Strep throat is highly contagious and can be passed through airborne droplets.

5. Mumps:

This too is a viral infection that affects the salivary glands, causing them to swell and there is a high probability of contracting it during kissing.


Even if say your partner has gum disease, it does not in any way mean you have to stop smooching, all you need is an extra effort in oral hygiene, which of course includes regular brushing.

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