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Premature greying of hair happens to some men due to several factors. Everybody, to some degree, will develop grey hair at some point. Some people desire to have grey hair because they feel it has something to do with wisdom.

When you see some men developing premature gray hair, you might begin to think they are older. Some things they do, or things beyond their control, can predispose them to develop grey hair prematurely at an earlier age than necessary. The following factors could be responsible:

1. According to Healthline, a man who develops grey hair prematurely could be the result of hereditary or genetic combinations. Some people in their thirties or forties are already developing grey hair.

Meanwhile, some men at 60 don’t have much grey hair and didn’t dye their hair. This is their genetic makeup, or that’s how it runs in their family line.

2. Some develop premature grey hair due to too much stress in their lives. Certain diseases associated with stress can make a man grow old very rapidly, so he begins to look older than his actual biological age.

3. Nutritional deficiencies can also lead to premature greying of hair, especially when you’re deficient in certain trace minerals like copper, zinc, and the rest of them in your diet.

4. There are certain chemicals some of us use that cause grey hair. You will see some men applying shaving powder to their beards. It smells so bad, and they paint their beards white and then scrape them.

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After some years, their beards will turn grey because of the harsh chemicals in the shaving powder that you have applied over the years.


5. When people undergo certain medical treatments, they can also develop grey hair very easily. The good news is that virtually all of these conditions that cause premature grey hair growth are largely preventable and mostly treatable if you know the right steps to take.

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