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Mistakes are there to be made but when you make them, you don’t repeat them but rather learn from them. This is why we intend to have a look at 5 common mistakes that we normally do after eating especially the dinner times.

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1. Don’t rush to shower after a meal

After taking your meal you really want to take some time to allow digestion to run smoothly. Digestion is the process where food particles are broken down in the body and this action requires effective blood flow and entry as well. However, taking your shower right after the meal makes the process difficult.

2. Eating fruits after meal

There is one saying that goes like “sweet after meals”, what do you think of it? For breakfast and lunch you might get enough time to take fruits after your meal but what about dinner?

Fruits take less time to digest as compare to your regular hard meals. Hence, taking them right after dinner might tempter with digestion which somehow causes stomach problems.

3. Drinking cold water after meal

Coldwater solidifies fats in food and therefore makes it very difficult to digest. If you want to sleep early then give time intervals before taking your chilled water.

4. Drinking tea

Taking tea after dinner or meals can lower your body’s rate of absolving iron. Iron is very important for your body and as such, you should not allow the tannic acid content of tea to temper with it.

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5. Going to bed immediately after a meal.


This is one of the most difficult habits to abstain from across the globe. You probably might have heard why it ended up on our list so I will not go further.

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