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Women are naturally born beautiful and there is the fact that, each country on the African continent has quite a number of beautiful women. There are however some countries who may have women more beautiful than the other.

Below are five countries with most beautiful women in Africa.

#5. Nigeria

Nigeria is popularly known as the country with the most populated persons in Africa. If this is the case, then, there will a very large number of beautiful women. Popular Nollywood movies usually show to us some of their beautiful women. Women in Nigeria usually have a way of dressing which looks very attractive.

#4. Tanzania

Most people see Tanzania women as very mannered. For this reason, they tag them to be very beautiful. They are also very caring and attractive.

#3. Kenya

Kenyan women are very beautiful and have a good sense of fashion. They are curvy and have attractive features.

Take time and explore the city of Nairobi and you’ll find that Kenyan women are some of the most beautiful in Africa. Women in Kenya usually have a perfect black skin which suits their beauty.

#2. Ethiopia

Women in Ethiopia are charming, gorgeous and beautiful. There are those who believe that, Ethiopia is the Africa country with beautiful women.

#1. Ghana


Ghana is undoubtedly the country with most beautiful women in Africa. All the qualities of a good women can be found in Ghanaian women. They are beautiful and smart. Most do have charming eyes. It is not surprising that most persons who travel outside still can’t cheat on their Ghanaian wives.

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