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Your body has natural ways to manage your blood sugar level to avoid going too low or too high. Your body produces a hormone called insulin when glucose increases in your body. In the same way, glucagon is produced when your body requires more sugar.

In some cases, the body fails to regulate this blood sugar level due to certain factors, and this results in a condition called diabetes. Diabetes is also known as hyperglycemia and it is prevalent in our population. Diabetes is a serious health concern and can trigger numerous complications in the body. These complications can lead to death if there is no immediate medical intervention.

Diabetic patients usually take drugs to control their conditions. Sometimes they become tired of taking drugs every day and begin to seek alternatives. According to, there are natural ways diabetic individuals can manage their blood sugar levels without depending solely on drugs. These natural ways have been proven to be effective if practiced regularly.

Below are 4 of them:

1. Control your carbohydrate intake

Your body breaks down carbohydrates into sugar (glucose) and stored in the liver with the help of insulin. As a diabetic patient, when you consume carbohydrates regularly, your insulin may fail to control the amount of sugar in your body due to inefficient conversion of excess into glycogen by the liver. This causes the accumulation of sugar in your blood. Therefore you can manage your sugar level by cutting down on your carb intake.

2. Practice regular exercise

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Exercise helps in weight reduction and also improves your body’s insulin sensitivity. This means that your body cells respond faster to insulin secretion and regulate blood sugar effectively. Regular exercise also increases muscle activities and its utilization of glucose. Therefore, it also helps to reduce the overall level of sugar in your blood.

3. Always drink enough water to stay hydrated

Enough intake of water helps to reduce blood sugar levels. Water helps the kidney to function properly and flush out excess glucose through urine. Reports suggest that people who drink enough water regularly have a reduced risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, as a diabetic patient taking an adequate quantity of water regularly can help reduce your blood sugar level.

4. Pay more attention to high fiber diet


Foods high in fiber slows down the breaking down of carbohydrate into glucose. This prevents further production and accumulation of sugar in the blood. Therefore intake of foods rich in fiber can help reduce your blood sugar level. Foods rich in fiber include vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, etc.

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