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Some people do not know how to make a woman feel loved but you need to understand that the first step is to make sure that she is happy. Most men try to make their women happy but sometimes, their efforts yield no result in the end. This might be because there is something they are not doing right which they need to correct. If you want your girlfriend to feel loved and also stay happy in the relationship, you need to follow some steps.

1. Make her feel very special as every girl would want to think that she is the only thing that matters to you. You can do this by showering her with gifts, calling her when necessary and also sending her romantic texts daily. Just do the things you know she would love and with this, she would feel like the only girl in your life.

2. Ensure she lacks nothing, gets things for her even when she never asked for them. When you know that she needs financial help, just send some money to her without waiting for her to request it. Shower her with gifts and other things you know she would love.

3. Give her attention both when you are alone and in public. When you are alone with her, show her that she is the only thing that matters to you, give her a listening ear, and never let anything become a distraction to you. When you are in public with her, show others that she is the only one you care about. When you do this, your girl will know that you truly love her.


4. Take her to places and show her off to your friends and everyone else. When you take her to places, she would know that you love showing her off and this would give her the impression that you feel proud of her.

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