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Hypertension has to be one of the circulatory diseases which slowly ends the lives of humans when not treated. It occurs when the heart pumps blood with much pressure on the walls of the arteries. It can easily lead to a stroke which can finally result in the patient to death if proper care is not taken. Quite apart from the inheritance, one can easily fall into hypertension through excessive smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, amongst others.

The article today is to learn about the various things to put in place so that we won’t be victimised by the disease.


1. Avoid excessive intake of salt. The last time when I experienced high blood pressure, the first advice from my doctor was ” Avoid the intake of too much salt. People who fail to do this are vulnerable to this particular disease. There’s usually pressure on the arteries by the heart. Salt is a very good ingredient in our food, but it has to be accurately measured before taking due to the side effects involved. A practical example is a hypertension.

2. Regular exercise. It does not only develop our brains and make us active but also protect us against hypertension. We have to constantly involve in exercise, check our diets and there we go. People in this category have a good percentage of escaping from this circulatory disease. However, if you don’t do this, you are likely to be vulnerable to it.


3. Avoid excessive smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Too much smoking is generally toxic to the human body. This automatically tells how one can easily be opened to BP when smoking. You will not only have the bad odour, but also other diseases, and Hypertension is a clear example of it. On the other hand, those who use alcohol like water, therefore, drinking it excessively can also contract it.



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4. Avoid Restlessness. When you are depressed, worried and said, and as a result could not sleep to your satisfaction, the tendency of being affected by high blood pressure is high. On contrary, Just free your mind, and consider whatever happens in your life, normal. Have a good sleep and entertain yourself towards happiness.

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