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There are a lot of attitudes, signs and body languages that men and women show when they are in love.

As a matter of fact no matter how one tries to hide his or her feelings of love towards someone, his or her body language will expose him or her.

So is a man who is seriously in love with a woman, he may try his very best to hide it but a conscious woman will easily notice it. When you know the body language of a real man in love, it’s just like reading a text message.

His postures, gestures and attitudes and signs speak a lot without him telling you.

The truth is men’s body language will easily tell a good observer who he is in love with or highly interested with.

Because love has no break, all it knows to do best is to accelerate till it reaches where it wants to go.

So in this article I want to write about four secrets of a man who is truly in love for women to notice with ease.

1. He scratches his hair

These are done unaware by them. They normally do that when they ask a question which they need a positive answer and you haven’t yet given an answer.

A specific example is when he is making a demand like asking if he can come for you for dinner or a specific outing. Or when he is having a long conversations with you, he will do it at a point in time.

2 . He Speaks with a straight face

Whenever such a guy is speaking with you, he looks directly into your eyes, sometimes without even blinking his eyes. He also tries to get everything that you say word by word without missing anything.

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And one other thing that you will see whilst gazing at you is holding his beard or chin.

When you see this, know that this guy has a lot of feelings of love for you secretly.

3. He gives specific gifts

That is all the gifts he will give to you are what I call thoughtful gifts. Such as buying you chocolates, expensive lip glosses, makeup kits, classic designer perfumes, and sometimes specific selected spandex clothes.

Or using some means to take you out to a boutique and buying you clothes you never expected him to buy.

4. He checks on you more than enough

If he already has your mobile phone number, he will text frequently to ask about your night, and how your day is going.

He will call and just say he called to check up on you. And the bold men will add how they miss you only to hear the answer he will receive from you.

And when he receives a desirable, favorable and expected reply from you


So whenever any woman sees such attitudes of a man towards her, it shows that man secretly loves you.

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