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In fact there are certain secrets that must not be told by lawyers to their clients.

These secrets are said to be the premise of the success of any lawyer.

That is the reason why lawyers are considered as smart people.

Provided below are some of them;

1. A lawyer never talks about the mistakes that happened in cases he handled.

It is quite sure that a lawyer does not want to express his weakness before other peoples.

2. The next most important thing is advocate fees.

A lawyer always creates the feeling that he will be the best lawyer one must go for and that there is no other better option than him.

Doing that, he will be able to make up a higher fee for that particular case.

3. Lawyers in India will never tell their clients about areas or cases they are best in handling.

They always consider every case good for them.

4.It is always a true fact that there will be no open communication between a lawyer and client.

A Layer never tells about the simplest solutions for their cases.

They want to make the issue more complex for extending the time frame of the case.

Getting more money is the main aim behind it.

No lawyer will ever let a client go so easily and quickly.

As the case extends for a longer period, the lawyer will be able to get more fees from the client.

The Knowledge of a lawyer is very much less.

They do not know anything outside the walls of the law.


If you ask him a simple basic question, he will be flawed.

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