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Blood Clotting is a natural mechanism through which your body initiates the healing process after you sustain an injury.

Blood clotting can become a problem if it happens in your blood vessels (arteries and/or veins) when you don’t have an injury because it can lead to a condition known as thrombosis which can impair or affect the normal flow or circulation of blood in your system. Special foods known as blood thinners are very helpful in preventing unnecessary blood clotting.

Foods that help to prevent blood clotting to boost blood circulation works through several mechanisms. Some work by inhibiting vitamin K from activating blood clotting factors, others work by blocking proteins and enzymes involved in blood clotting, while the last group works by preventing blood platelets from sticking together to form a clot which as I’ve established above can block blood vessels to impair the flow of blood through them.

This is to say that the importance of blood-thinning foods is not to prevent your body from healing when you have injuries but to prevent the blood running in your veins and arteries from clotting to avoid impairments of your blood circulation. Below is a list of foods that can help do this.

1. Ginger. This contains a substance known as salicylate which is an anti-inflammatory agent and can also help to stop your blood from clotting, and by doing this it helps boost your blood circulation. You can consume ginger as tea or add it to your foods.

2. Omega-3 foods such as fish, salmon, sardines, seafood etc. These foods contain substances that help prevent your blood from clotting to boost your blood circulation. This is why it is good food for preventing heart diseases and improving the overall health of your

3. Red Pepper. If you’re not allergic or you don’t react to red pepper then you should consider consuming more of it regularly because it has a natural blood-thinning effect which ultimately helps to boost blood circulation.


4. Red Wine. This is an ideal drink for boosting your blood circulation. Please note that the best option remains non-alcoholic red wines. Please avoid the alcoholic ones as much as you can. If you must consume them, then it must be very minimally.

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