Check Out 4 Things Every Woman Should Do To Keep Her Private Organ Healthy And Clean-[CHECK OUT]

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The female private is a very sensitive and delicate part of the body that needs proper care. This is because if proper care is not given to it, it can become dirty and have an odor in the process.

There are certain things women should do to keep their private organs healthy and clean. We will be discussing some of them as we go further in this article.

1. Wear Cotton Under Wears

Ladies should opt for cotton underwear instead of nylon or synthetic underwear. This is because cotton absorbs more air, dries faster, and is breathable, which means that when you sweat too much in your private area or you accumulate excess bodily fluids down there, the cotton material will help in drying up the bodily fluids or sweat faster. As a result of this, you have less chance of getting infected and it also reduces your chances of odour.


2. Avoid using scented soaps to wash that area

Although many women are ignorant to this, scented soaps are containing chemicals that are harmful to your private organ. Another factor is that certain scented soaps can irritate when applied or used on the private area because it is sensitive.

According to dermatologists and skin experts, women should not wash their private area with medicated or scented soaps because these soaps tend to destroy the symbiotic bacteria that are there to protect the private organ. As ladies what you should do is wash your private area with water as often as possible. Also, try to keep it sweat-free

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3. Know Your Discharge

At different periods in a month, some ladies experience a discharge of certain white and odorless substances from their private organs which are known as discharge.

Although this substance is normally odourless there are times when this discharge becomes yellowish or green, very thick, and has an odor, when this occurs it is a sign that you might be having a bacterial or yeast infection. When you notice this, you need to rush to your doctor as soon as possible for a medical checkup.

4. Avoid douching

Douching means trying to wash the inner part of your private organ as a lady. As a lady, you must avoid the inner parts of your organ because your body has its way of cleaning it. Doing it also disrupts the pH level of your organ.

NOTE: In a situation where you experience itching or any form of discomfort goes for professional medical care rather than trying to do self-medication.

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