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The third eye is a powerful expression of psychic abilities and deep understanding. You may have had feelings that you could know something was about to happen days before it did.

If you don’t know how to make sense of these situations, they might be daunting. You can still learn more knowledge to help you on your spiritual path to clarity.

If you think your third eye might be open but aren’t sure, check the list below to make sure you’re on the right track.

1. Growing Pressure in Your Head:

The most common symptom of an open third eye is an increasing pressure between your brows.

This can be just a pulse or an intense sense of something expanding in the middle of your forehead. They also say that it may seemingly come out of nowhere and that a feeling of warmth on your forehead, as if someone were touching you, is fairly normal. So don’t freak out when it happens.

2. Foresight

You might experience instances of increased foresight of future events. It might just be a small tug in your stomach that alarms you that something is going to happen before it does.Do not overlook this feeling or intuition, and let it guide you forward. It might be scary at first, but the moment you realize that this power is completely controlled by you, you will have an easier time letting it show you the way.

3. Gradual Changes

Because you are more in sync with your spiritual self, you will reap the benefits of your new view of the world. You will find that you are calmer, more forgiving, and more loving. These changes can also impact your diet as you will steer away from processed foods to keep your third eye clear.

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You may not find a reason for these good changes, but rest assured that it is your intuition and spiritual powers that are guiding you to healthier life choices. Monitor these changes as they are a sure-fire way of verifying that your third eye is indeed expanding.


4.Looking Beyond the Obvious

Although it can be a burden to know and see more than everyone else does, your third eye will enable you to spot half-lies and shiny slogans. A restaurant that offers an all-you-can-eat assortment of food may be enticing to the normal individual, but for you, it will be akin to an invitation to consume more than you need. This clarity of thought will let you make the right decisions.

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