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The large intestines are otherwise referred to as the colon and when cancerous cells start developing in the colon, it can cause several issues in the body and if not detected early, may lead to death or more serious complications. People who even got to know the signs of large intestine cancer early enough, still had a huge battle to contend with before they defeated the disease.

But being able to detect the signs puts you at a better Position and state of defeating the disease. So in this article in line with a publication on Mayo Clinic, we are going to have a look at some of the signs of large intestine cancer that should not be taken for granted.

What Are The Signs of Large Intestine Cancer That Should Not Be Taken For Granted?

1. Blood in the stool or dark stool – sometimes we may see blood in our stool that is caused by an injury on the veins surrounding the anus but if you persistently see blood in your stool, then it could be due to cancer of the large intestine.

2. Change in bowel habits – if you often or frequently move from constipation to narrow stools and even sometimes diarrhea, then you should beware as it may also be an indication of large intestine cancer. When cancerous cells are developing in the large intestine, it can lead to a drastic change in bowel habits from diarrhea, to constipation to even excess passing of gas.

3. Abdominal discomfort or pain that is not due to any clear reason. If you start feeling or experiencing stomach pain that is persistent and also never goes away, then you should book an appointment with a doctor.


4. Anemia or chronic fatigue could also be a sign of large intestine cancer that should not be ignored.

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