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Poor Blood Circulation is one thing that can make a person feel really uncomfortable and besides making someone feel uncomfortable, poor blood circulation can also lead to more life-threatening problems and complications if left untreated. But while it is an annoying problem, many often believe that only elderly people suffer from this kind of blood circulation issue but this is very far from the truth.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the main causes of poor blood circulation in the legs and what to do. If you are one of the individuals experiencing poor blood circulation, this article would certainly be helpful to you and your health. Just sit tight and learn something new whilst enjoying yourself.

What Are the Main Causes Of Poor Blood Circulation in the Legs?


1. Age; is one of the factors that can lead to poor blood circulation. No doubt, seniors or older people suffer from poor blood circulation more often and far more regularly than people who are much younger that is why it’s often referred to as an old people health condition but it’s not entirely true.


2. Smoking; smoking is one thing that has multiple side effects on the body. It raises your risk of cardiovascular diseases and also causes nerve damage in the lower legs, this explains why there is poor blood circulation and numbness in your legs. If you are a smoker as in a chronic smoker, then you will be experiencing symptoms of poor blood circulation due to neuropathy.

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3. Diabetes; people suffering from diabetes also suffer from poor blood circulation to the lower legs and even to the hands sometimes. This is due to the condition known or referred to as diabetic neuropathy. High blood sugar damages the nerves of the legs leading to poor blood circulation.


4. Peripheral Neuropathy; this is otherwise referred to as nerve damage and it can be caused by numerous factors one of which is also smoking. If you are having peripheral neuropathy, then you will also feel the signs and symptoms of poor blood circulation.

What Solutions Are Available At Your Disposal?

1. Exercising Regularly; is one of the easiest solutions you can ever come across. This is because an active and exercise filled lifestyle would increase good flow to all the parts of the body. This includes the legs and many other parts that are prone to poor blood Circulation. If you start exercising more frequently, you also increase the rate at which your heart pumps blood all of which are very vital and healthy to the body.


2. Maintain a Healthy Weight; this is another treatment for poor blood circulation in humans. This is because being obese can increase poor blood circulation problems. So make sure you eat healthily, avoid eating at night, drink enough water instead of beverages and then watch how healthy you would be.



3. Always Hang Your Legs; this is another solution to poor blood circulation caused by oedema; buildup of fluids in the legs due to excess sodium content or heart-related problems. Hanging your legs upward or in an elevated position would certainly help with the circulation of blood in the legs and ease the signs and symptoms.

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