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Syphilis is a highly contagious disease that expresses itself as ulcers in the mouth after a person has been exposed to it for an extended period. Due to the fact that these lesions are open and can spread throughout the body, they can readily combine to form Syphilis, which can be transmitted through kissing

Meningococcal diseases

This is a hazardous sickness, and is because of irritation of the layers that encompass the mind and spinal rope. The bacterium that causes this sickness is spread by direct contact or beads of spit. It is an extremely intriguing type of transmission.


Colds are spread by direct contact with the infection. By kissing a tainted individual we get in direct contact with the discharges of his nose and throat.


Hepatitis B

infections can occur when the infected blood and spit of the tainted individual come into direct contact with the blood or mucous films of someone else, for instance in the event that the individual has open wounds in or around the mouth.

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