Check Out 4 Countries Which No Longer Exist That You Never Knew-[CHECK OUT]

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There is a great history behind these countries which no longer exist and many of you never knew or have ideas of it.

1. Austria- Hungary – it was created in 1867 until it started losing world war one in 1918. It was one of the most powerful country in Europe and the third most populated country in the world at that time. Later on, a bunch of new countries were created and the original territories separated into different countries to date. After the separation, Austria became a country of its own and Hungary is also a country of its own.

2. Cechoslovakia – It was created in 1918 which part of the Austria-Hungary empire, becoming so Independent in the 1918 as a republic. They inherited a lot of the Austria-Hungarian industries and they had a pretty good kick start as a country. Although later on, they started suffering from the plague with Germany in world war two which they were invaded and occupied by the Germans. Afterwards, they resolved into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993 which hardly remains today.

3. Moresnet – in 1815 Moresnet was created with a size less than 2.5 kilometres square. It was located between Russia and Belgium. But when Belgium gained it independence in 1830 they took Moresnet with them but Netherland, Germany and Denmark could not decide who will rule Moresnet because they were exporting the same mine in it. When the zinc mine dries out by the neighbouring powers. A few years later in 1920, it was fully given to Belgium and today it is a Belgium city called Kelmis.


4. Vermont – People were thought Vermont is a USA state but it used to be. It was a daily basis Vermont was trying to be it own country and part of New York ruled by the British. But in 1777 it declared its dependence and even drafting it constitution label values and outlaws slavery. At a time, they even have their own coins and they decided to Canada, but later they resolved with the United States of America at it 14th states in 1790.

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