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Heart attack is one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Heart attacks come with signs and symptoms.

By recognizing the signs and starting treatment on time, you can avoid further complications.

Eating habits of some people can worsen their risk to heart attacks. Also diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, obesity are prone to cause heart attacks.

Generally, people believe that a heart attack is just a sign of severe pain in the chest. But you may be surprised to know that some signs/indications appear in the body just before the heart attack, which we do not pay attention to.

These signs can be due to the severe heart health complications and it can also be a symptom that your heart may stop working soon, i.e. you may get a heart attack.

Therefore, you should know the symptoms so that you can avoid serious and deadly diseases such as heart attack and heart failure.

Symptoms of Heart attack on the skin:

1. Yellow-white rash/wax-like skin: There is a wax like skin on the eyes. It can be of white or yellow color rash close to eyes. This is a sign of increasing cholesterol in the body.

In some people’s eyes, this skin looks like frozen wax. Apart from the eyes, such a rash may also be visible behind your palms and feet. If you do not control cholesterol even after this hint then you may be at risk of a heart attack.

2. Blue or purple marks on the skin: If you see a sudden change of skin color in some part of the body, be careful, because it is a sign of your unhealthy heart.

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These symptoms appear in blue or purple color most. The skin change also is seen on the feet and soles. A blue or purple mark on the skin means that the blood is frozen in your body or any particular organ and is not getting enough oxygen.

Due to the accumulation of blood in the arteries, the arteries are blocked, which can cause a heart attack.


3. Blue or purple mark beneath the nails: If you suddenly start seeing blue or purple marks beneath your nails, then it’s time to be careful. Such marks in the nails can be a sign of heart disease. Although such marks can also be seen due to injury, but if you do not remember any injury, see your doctor immediately.

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