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Intimacy is a close, familiar, and unique bond between two people who are in a relationship, both physically and emotionally. The importance of intimacy for couples cannot be overemphasized because every relationship requires it to survive. Without intimacy in a relationship, it becomes difficult to build a strong bond and establish trust.

One of the commonest forms of physical intimacy between partners is kissing. Kissing is one of the most exciting things about starting a new relationship. Kissing your partner sets off emotional fireworks that stimulate the feeling of good sensation for both of you. A kiss can mean so many different things. It can be a greeting, a sign of passion, an apology, or a sweet and innocent gesture to your partner.

There are, however, some things you should be aware of beforehand so you can avoid doing them to make your kissing experience a better one. Here are three things you should not do when kissing a lady;

1. Avoid being sloppy.

Don’t mistake being passionate with being sloppy. Whenever you’re kissing a lady, don’t let your saliva spread all over her face or body. There is nothing worse than going in for a kiss only to end up with messy, wet kisses all over your partner’s body.

2. Avoid having bad breath

Keep tabs on your breath when you are out on a date. Clean breath is a must before going in for a kiss. Keep a mint or piece of gum handy and avoid those smelly foods. When visiting a lady, put your toothbrush in the bag so that you can wash your mouth after eating any food.


3. Don’t stare at your partner

Something that you should never do when kissing a lady is to stare at her constantly. It might be tempting to see what her reaction is, but to keep your eyes open the whole time can freak your partner out. If suddenly she opens her eyes slowly and notices that you are staring at her with big eyes, she may likely be turned off.

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