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There are few things that women despise hearing from a man. Although, this has nothing to do with whether they love you or not. As a man, you must note all these things so that you will know what to say and what you are not supposed to say. Knowing all these things will help strengthen your relationship.

In this article, I will be highlighting 3 things ladies despise hearing from men.

  1. I am broke or I don’t have cash.

This is the number one thing ladies despise hearing from a man. They don’t want you to tell them that you are out of cash or you are broke.

This is why some of them prefer to date rich guys. At least, the man will be able to take care of their needs.

Ladies, don’t like broke guys. They want you to go out there and make money, they don’t like to hear their boyfriends tell them, “I don’t have any money”, they may see you as a lazy man.

So, whatever discussion you are having with a woman, don’t ever tell her that you are broke or you don’t have money. Because if you do, she may start planning on how to leave you.

  1. I’m not coming home.

This is another aspect that ladies don’t like hearing from a man. For example, if your woman is leaving with you in one apartment, she expects you to always come home and keep her company. So if she calls you and you tell her that you are not coming home, she may hate you. Because she will think you don’t value her presence.

  1. I don’t feel like eating or I don’t want to eat.
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Women do sacrifice their time when cooking food, most especially when they are cooking for their men. They do all their possible best to make sure that the food tastes good.

So, imagine after going through all this stress just to make food for you and all you could tell them is that you don’t want to eat.


They will feel like you don’t appreciate their efforts or you don’t like them. So don’t say this to them if you don’t want them to hate you.

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