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The male gamete is typically a thick, white fluid, but it can differ in colour and consistency. Watery male gamete can happen due to low male gamete count, lifestyle factors, and nutritional deficiencies.

According to “Healthline”, they are many factors that may make the male gamete watery. Some of these causes can be treatable.

Some of the causes of watery male gamete include.

1. Zinc deficiency

One of the things that can cause a watery male gamete is a zinc deficiency. Studies have revealed that men who have an adequate amount of zinc or men who have zinc deficiency and take zinc sulfate supplements can better fight off the impacts of anti-male gamete antibodies. These antibodies are made by the immune system, which mistakenly reacts to male gamete as a foreign body.

2. Frequent ejaculation

Frequent ejaculation may also result in the production of a watery male gamete. If you stimulate yourself intimately several times a day, the quality of male gamete after the first male gamete release is likely to become thin and watery. Your body may need at least a few hours to make a normal, healthy amount of male gamete.

3. Pre-male reproductive cell release


If you have a male gamete that looks watery, it’s essential to note if some colour is present or if it’s clear. A very clear male gamete may be the male gamete that’s released during foreplay. It normally contains few male gametes.

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