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Men generally are full of ego and they want to be respected and appreciated especially by someone they truly love. This is why they love to be in charge always and most times, they get carried away and end up doing things they’re not supposed to do especially to the woman they love. Below are three things that some men do in bed that women despise a lot.

1. Ignoring Or Rushing Foreplay

Some men are of the habit of ignoring foreplay when they’re in bed with their woman. Some men even rush foreplay as if they’ve been forced to have fun with their woman. There are two major reasons why a man can ignore or rush foreplay. It’s either because he’s selfish or because he doesn’t know better. A selfish man will only be concerned about his own pleasure and satisfaction. And a man that does not know better will think a little touch it cuddle is or should be enough. And the fact is that it’s foreplay that helps some women to reach orgasm easily and quickly.

2. Unhygienic

Another thing that most men do in bed that women hate is poor hygiene. Some men don’t know how to take care of the body. Being hygienic is even something that attract most women to a man. And for some weird reasons, some men believe that personal hygiene is feminine. Shaving every necessary part of your body won’t kill you, also bathing as man times as possible and brushing your teeth will not make you fall sick.

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3. Manhandling Her


Lastly, some men don’t know how to romantically handle a woman in bed. Women are sensitive beings and desire a man that know their value and that can care for them enough. Manhandling a woman will only make her tired of the relationship. And will always be scared of having fun with you.


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