Check Out 3 Things HIV Patients Must Continue To Do For The Rest Of Their Lives- [CHECK OUT]

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Many years ago, scientists couldn’t find a solution to HIV. Those infected with this virus were doomed. Thanks to technology, people who have HIV can now live for as long as they want to live.

According to Healthline, HIV is not curable, but there are things HIV patients can do to continue to live and the virus won’t kill them. The following are the things HIV patients should do for the rest of their lives:

1. There’s a drug known as an antiretroviral drug that helps combat retrovirus infections in the body. HIV patients can continue to use this drug and the incurable virus won’t kill them. It will reduce the impact of the virus on their bodies.

It will make their immune systems strong enough to combat HIV. There are about forty different types of antiretroviral drugs available in pharmaceutical stores.

HIV patients must continue to use this drug about two times a day, depending on their doctor’s prescription. They will continue to do this for as long as they are alive.

2. They must cooperate with their treatment plan by taking this drug at the time it should be used. They should use this drug as it is prescribed, otherwise, it won’t work effectively.

The side effects of antiretroviral drugs might make some HIV patients frustrated enough to stop taking them. They can start feeling tired, having a loss of appetite, having regular watery bowel movements, and having mood swings.

However, if the HIV patient misses any dose of this drug, it can make the virus become stubborn and will be difficult to handle again. This is why they must cooperate with their treatment plan.


3. They must be careful with how they take any other drug. They can’t just use any drug again becauseĀ it will interfere with the effect of the antiretroviral drug in their bodies. This can also worsen its side effects. They must let their doctor know before using any other drug or herbal treatment.

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