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How do you know if a girl is starting to like you? This is an issue that many men consider; it seems mysterious to them to know when a woman is truly in love with him and the signs of how he shows it. It makes sense that they are curious because they want to know whether to focus on a woman or keep looking.

Girls won’t come up to you and tell you when to start liking you; Instead, they will sit back and hide their thoughts and feelings in their actions. The first way you’ll know when a girl starts to like you is through her actions.

In this post, I’m going to show you three different ways a woman will when she starts liking you.

1. He will suddenly step away from you.

This is the first behaviour you will notice in a woman who starts to like you; You will see a girl who is usually in your face suddenly avoiding you. He does this because he wants to hide his feelings for you; He doesn’t want to be too flashy and he knows he won’t be looking at you all the time, so it won’t be obvious that he’s starting to like you. To avoid this, he will start avoiding you.

2. He will start using pronouns to greet you.


Another thing you’ll notice about a woman starting to like you is that she’s no longer calling you by your first name, but instead calling you by pronouns. This is because he’s trying not to think about you and knows that when he calls your name, he can’t stop thinking about you, so he’ll call you by pronouns.

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3. He will post your message first.

When a girl starts liking you, the first thing she will do is stop texting you because she doesn’t want you to know she likes you. Girls think that when guys realize they like them, they’ll think they’re cheap, which is why they try to make it as unobtrusive as possible…


So if a woman who used to write to you suddenly stops texting you, it’s a sign that she’s starting to like you.

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