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Numerous foods you eat supply sugar to your body. Your body breaks it down through metabolism to yield energy. This energy fuels the entire process going on in your body. The intake of sugar and its breakdown in the body ensures that excess sugar does not accumulate in your body

But due to so many reasons, your blood sugar level may gradually begin to increase. This abnormal increase may persist up to the level of resulting in a medical condition called diabetes. Millions of people suffer from diabetes and diabetes-related complications globally.

The type of food you eat, and your general play important role in diabetes development. Also, if you have a family history of the disease, you may help trigger the development of diabetes. That is why it is pivotal to watch the type of food you consume. This will help prevent your sugar level from rising abnormally.

Meanwhile, according to, you can speed up diabetes treatment or management through early signs that it presents. These signs are super important as it prompts you to go for a diagnosis for a possible case. Below are 3 signs you will experience when your sugar level begins to increase:

1. Frequent urination and always feeling thirsty

When excess sugar begins to accumulate in your body your body undergoes significant changes. Firstly, the excess sugar goes into the kidney and the urine the organ produces. This makes you feel thirsty and you drink more water despite you have already taken enough water. You begin to urinate more frequently.

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2. Unexplained weight loss

Sugar accumulation in your blood means that your body finds it difficult to metabolize the sugar efficiently. Therefore, your body tissues and organs began to look for another alternative to provide energy for their needs. This triggers the burning of fats in adipose tissue to yield energy. Due to the loss of these fats, you tend to lose more weight than usual.

3. Numbness and tingling sensation

Numbness is characterized by a lack of sensation, pain, or feeling in your legs and arms. On the other hand, tingling occurs when you feel that something is moving around your body. This is also known as pins and needles. These two signs develop due to diabetic neuropathy, a condition that manifests when excess sugar in your body begins to damage the nerves that send signals to your brain.


In addition to the 3 major signs, other signs that signal you of accumulation of sugar in your body include unusual headache and pains, unusual tiredness and fatigue, blurred vision, dried mouth, you find it difficult to concentrate, your wounds don’t heal on time, etc. Ensure that you avoid foods that contain artificial sugars and focus mainly on natural diets. Also, check your blood sugar level regularly to help you track your records.

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