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Do you know that the usage of condoms has some detrimental effects on the human body? Condoms are one of the vastly known means of contraception. It not only curtails the risk of unwanted pregnancy but also prevents the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Condoms are hard to beat concerning contraception. However, most women and men continue to have misconceptions about its side effects and that is why I wrote this article.

When you use a condom, there is a different risk you might face. Some of them include;

1. Latex might trigger an allergic reaction

This is one of the major side effects of condoms. Research has shown that male and female condoms do not have any side effects whatsoever, apart from the allergic reactions in a few. Also, female condoms have a minor chance of ensuing in an allergy as correlated to the male condoms

Most male and female condoms are made of a material called latex. And, if latex does not suit you, you can always opt for options like condoms made from polyurethane or even lambskin. Since allergies caused by latex can be quite serious, it is important to detect them on time. Within a matter of minutes of coming in contact with a latex condom, you can generally see certain symptoms that indicate an allergic reaction. You can be cautious for signs like skin itchiness and irritation, swelling and rashes on the skin, and breathlessness. You should see medical assistance in such a scenario.

And, if you face serious breathlessness and the blood pressure also drops, it is a sign of anaphylaxis. This is a severe allergic reaction and needs sudden medical attention.

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2. Spermicide causes burning, itching, and redness

So many people use spermicide without the knowledge of how detrimental it is to the body. If you plan to use a spermicide to stave off an unwanted pregnancy, make sure you check its chemical contents first. Don’t buy a spermicide that contains chemicals you’re sensitive to. More often than not, the side effects happen because of the spermicide and not the condom itself. The most common symptom that you can look out for is a burning sensation as soon as the skin comes in contact with the spermicide. You can also look out for signs like redness and itching, among others. This is another side effect you might suffer from condom usage.

3. Incorrect usage can lead to unwanted pregnancy



This is a major risk factor for those who use condoms. One of the major side effects of the wrong usage of a condom is an unexpected pregnancy. Thus, it becomes important to understand how to wear a condom properly. Also, it is equally important to understand how to withdraw and dispose of it. It might seem obvious, but an incorrect usage can lead to a failure rate of a massive 14-15 per cent.

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