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Putting garlic in the ear has been done for centuries to treat infections. According to Healthline, garlic contains some ingredients that can fight the growth of viruses and bacteria in the body.

When you eat it, your immune system will be strong in fighting the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Some people use garlic oil for pain relief, especially by applying it to a restricted area of the body.

It’s also useful for relieving aches in your inner ears. Some of the ear drops we use contain garlic and other medicinal products. This is what makes garlic a great herb that can help prevent several infections.

However, you can also put a peeled garlic clove inside your ear to help your body resist certain infections. The following are the benefits of putting garlic clove in your ears:

1. Whenever you have a booming sensation in your ear, this is usually a sign that you have an ear infection. You can put garlic cloves in your ear to cure this infection and stop this uncomfortable sensation in your body.

2. If you have a disease affecting your inner ear, which usually makes people feel dizzy and causes hearing loss, you can insert garlic cloves into your ear to cure it. This will make you feel clear-headed.

3. If you have an inflammation in your ear that causes an abnormal discharge of fluid from your ear, you can place a garlic clove in your ear to stop this problem. Just take a clove of garlic, peel off its skin, and cut off the tips.

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Take a cotton cloth that is normally used as bandages for dressing wounds and wrap it around the garlic clove. Put it gently into your ear and let the tips that you cut off be positioned towards your eardrum.


Don’t let it enter your eardrum. This can help relieve your body of the pain and dizziness caused by your ear infection.

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