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When it comes to vitamin C tablets, which come in orange and white, many people often go for the orange-coloured one because it’s sweet when tasted with the tongue, while only a few people prefer the white-coloured one, which has a sour taste. Apart from the sweet and sour taste of vitamin C tablets, they are made up of powerful organic chemical compounds that when taken regularly can help to manage some medical problems, which I will briefly discuss in this article.

1. According to WebMD, taking vitamin C in the right proportion or dosage can help to reduce the risk of having a stroke, which is a medical condition in which the blood vessels of the brain are blocked by excess bad cholesterol, which cuts off oxygen supply to some parts of the brain cells. Regular intake of Vitamin C helps to address clogging of brain and heart blood vessels by releasing its ascorbic acid content, which prevents the conversion of normal cholesterol to oxidized cholesterol.

2. When you take Vitamin C on a daily or regular basis, it’s ascorbic acid helps to relieve the symptoms not sighs of flu, or pneumonia by inhibiting the activity of the agents that are responsible for the ailments, while at the same time relieving cold and and catarrh. It’s antioxidants content also helps in addressing harmful molecules that can interfere with the respiratory system.


3. When it comes to the health of the skin and ageing issues, regular intake of vitamin C can help the skin cells secret more collagen, which helps to make the skin smooth and firm and prevent it from having wrinkles formed due to a lack of collagen. It’s always advisable to always take vitamin C at the right dosage prescribed by your medical doctor.

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