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Lemon water is widely regarded as a miraculously curative beverage, as it can treat or prevent a wide variety of illnesses. Lemon water’s high vitamin C content and curative properties have made it a popular beverage, but does it guarantee that it doesn’t have any drawbacks or health problems of its own?

In this piece, based on an article published on Medicine net, we’ll take a look at the potential health issues associated with drinking large quantities of lemon water. If you’re the kind to sip on lemon water on a regular basis, you’ll find some useful information in this piece. Relax and take in the new knowledge as it is imparted to you.

Is there any medical risk associated with drinking lemon water?

According to Healthline Lemon water and juice contain a high concentration of citric acid, which can weaken dental enamel if used frequently or in significant quantities. You should thus either drink less of it or sip via a straw and then rinse your mouth.

Too much lemon water can give you heartburn and aggravate acid reflux in people who already have the condition, so be mindful of how much and how often you drink it.

Third, since you’ll likely need to go to the toilet more frequently after drinking lemon water, you shouldn’t do so in the evenings or at bedtime. This is due to the diuretic effects of lemon water.


You should be careful about how you consume lemon water. When used in excess, even the healthiest substances can become harmful.

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